Manna From Heaven

Manna from Heaven is the food ministry at Grace Christian Fellowship through which we are able to minister to those in need with free gifts of groceries.

In April of 2008 GCF was approached by a large warehouse store and asked if we would be interested in taking some of their food that they could no longer sell in order to distribute it to those who have need.
Since that time the ministry has grown exponentially. It began with picking up food once a week and using it to bless those in need by giving it away through Christians at Grace. Soon we began receiving food donations from other sources as well several times a week. Gradually, we have been sharing the blessing with other churches in the area and now we partner with fifteen local churches and institutions to give food to over six hundred people every week. Each day local pastors and Christians from many different ministries are able to give to those in need in our community. The result is that each of these local churches and institutions has a stronger impact in the community for Christ than they had before and the name of Christ is glorified.

Overseer: Naoko Edenfield

Get Involved: If you wish to volunteer your time or donate food please contact Naoko Edenfield at 042-830-1604.